Custom Team Apparel


(Jerseys, Tanks, T-Shirts, Camp Shirts, Summit Shirts, Worlds Shirts)

Minimum order of 25

To receive a custom quote and start the design process, please submit the form below with the following information. We will contact you within 1-2 business days with a quote or additional information we may need.

  • Name of Gym/Team
  • What items are needed (shirts, tanks, etc)?
  • How many pieces of each item?
  • Colors?
  • Art provided? Or need art?
  • What date are items needed?
  • Any additional information or ideas?
  • Do you need any other items?

 The Cheer Shack has a wide range of products for teams from practice wear to shoes to backpacks and make up.

Checkout our photo gallery for more photos of our custom products